American Cruise Lines rolls out pre-cruise packages

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American Cruise Lines rolls out pre-cruise packages

Postby HostDave » Thu Oct 12, 2017 11:03 am

American Cruise Lines is offering both complimentary and extra-charge pre-cruise packages with many of its most popular itineraries in 2018. All include a premium hotel stay, welcome reception and transport to the ship.

The complimentary packages are available with all 2018 cruises in the Mississippi River region departing from New Orleans, St. Louis, St. Paul, Pittsburgh, Nashville and Memphis.

They're also offered with all Columbia/Snake River cruises departing from Portland or Clarkson, and all Alaska sailings from Juneau. The Juneau package includes a guided city tour and a visit to Mendenhall Glacier.

In addition, the line is offering pre-cruise land packages of one or two nights, for an extra charge, in a number of destinations. The one-night program, with a discounted hotel stay and transfers to the ship and to the airport after the cruise, is available in Boston, Seattle and Providence.

And the two-night packages bundle in a signature shore excursion. For example, in Memphis that provides VIP tickets to Graceland and a Memphis city tour.

And for passengers traveling on Columbia/Snake River cruises departing from Clarkston, the two-night extended program features a Hells Canyon jet boat tour.

Extended pre-cruise packages are also available with sailings from Seattle, Boston and Providence.

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