Aqua Expeditions Refurbishes and Upgrades Luxury Vessel

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Aqua Expeditions Refurbishes and Upgrades Luxury Vessel

Postby HostDave » Tue Jul 23, 2013 5:16 pm

Aqua Expeditions’ first luxury vessel, Aqua Amazon, has undergone extensive interior and technological enhancements and has once again taken to the waters of the Peruvian Amazon.

This complete revamping comes when the vessel is only five years old–a testament to owner Francesco Galli Zugaro’s dedication to perfection, bringing it to the level of the Aria Amazon, which debuted on the Peruvian Amazon in 2011.

Redesigned with help from the boat’s original designer renowned Peruvian architect Jordi Puig, Aqua Amazon’s 12 suites now feature new furnishings, updated bathrooms with slate walls and marble floors and new blackout curtains that cover the large panoramic windows. Guests will find that the improvements go far beyond the guestrooms; communal areas have been updated as well with new furniture, better AC units and sound-proof flooring.

Upgrades to the vessel itself bring other improvements to the Aqua Amazon experience, such as an enhanced wine list that includes four brand-new organic house wines to complement the haute cuisine created by Executive Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino. The 130-foot luxury vessel has also been equipped with the latest satellite phones for the captain and head guides to utilize on all excursions.

“It is our mission to operate the two finest small ships on the Amazon River as our discerning guests have the highest expectations of us and we want to ensure that every element of the journey is perfect,” says Galli Zugaro.

“We are delighted with the refurbishment project. The enhancements to our design and service allow guests to continue to experience a luxurious and authentic way to explore the Peruvian Amazon.”

The revamping of Aqua Amazon comes ahead of the introduction of a third luxury vessel into Aqua Expeditions’ fleet - Aqua Mekong. This new vessel will operate itineraries in Vietnam and Cambodia but maintain the water safari experience with the daily excursions that the Aqua Expeditions cruisers have perfected.


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