U.S. Domestic Waterways Plan Unveiled in Trademark Filings

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U.S. Domestic Waterways Plan Unveiled in Trademark Filings

Postby HostDave » Thu Oct 13, 2016 12:34 pm

Viking River Cruises’ eventual move into the North American domestic waterways market is appearing to still be going forward, according to filings with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

With Viking’s 2015 announcement to start up on the Mississippi River in 2017, its last known public comments were made earlier this year when the company delayed its entry to 2018.

Trademark filings, however, not only show Viking Mississippi, which was registered in 2014, but Viking Coastal Cruises and Viking Coastal Voyages, both of which were registered in February 2016 by Viking River Cruises.

While Viking Mississippi predates a 2015 announcement and fits into the company’s Mississippi River agenda, the two new trademark names could point to an even bigger plan to tackle rivers in North America, putting Viking up against American Cruise Line, Pearl Seas and Blount Small Ship Adventures.

The cruise line, which is expanding aggressively on European rivers and in the ocean business, has remain tight-lipped and evasive with media, and did not answer when asked about these filings.

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