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Updated:  04/28/2016

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Our Iceland Grand Circle Road Trip and High Country Road Trip have concluded.
All photos from these road trips are now available in the Photo Gallery.

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Welcome to Travels with Dave & Bill!

We hope you will enjoy our live blog updates during our travels.  Click on the navigation buttons above or the title in the index below to view the travel blog you are interested in.  

As always, please keep in mind that we express opinions based on our own expectations and experience.  We call them as we see them.  Our blog reflects our personal experiences as they happened without regard for hotel or cruise line hype.  In spite of the impression you may get from reading our blow-by-blow account, we are not picky travelers and we do not complain to the staff (if we do we will tell you!).  We are very happy to give credit when it is due.  However, nothing is perfect and we are not afraid to tell our readers about things that could be improved or that are not up to the standards relative to the price.  If you prefer looking at the world through rose-colored glasses or only want to hear how wonderful everything is, then this site is probably not the place for you.  If you want an honest reflection of what really happened during our adventures, you have come to the right place! 

In addition to our daily experiences, we'll offer up a review of each hotel, restaurant, attraction and city we visit.  If there are things that are "must see" or "must skip", we'll tell you about those, too.  Sometimes we'll drag an entire city through the mud if we have to, but mostly we'll give you advice on what we've seen and our viewpoint on whether or not you might want to visit that place, too.

Be sure to join our No-Nonsense Travel Forum where you can ask questions and participate in the discussion of our adventures as they progress.  Only members may view sections of the forum that relate to the current itinerary, so don't delay...sign up today, it's free!

So, with all that in mind, we hope you will appreciate our day to day experience as much as we do.

Thanks for joining us,

Dave & Bill

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June 5, 2015 High Country Road Trip Various Hotels
May 1, 2015 Iceland: Grand Circle Road Trip Various Hotels
May 2014 Pagodas to Paradise - Tokyo to Los Angeles Crystal Symphony
March 2014 Journey to Hokkaidō Various Hotels
March 2014 Tokyo Disney Resort Hilton Tokyo Bay
May 2013 Canyonlands Road Trip Various Hotels
April 2012 Midwest & More Road Trip Southwest Chief, Various Hotels
October 2011 California Deserts Road Trip Furnace Creek Ranch & More
April 2011 Pacific Coast Road Trip Various Hotels
April 2011 Pacific Escape - Los Angeles to Vancouver Crystal Symphony
May 2010 Yellowstone Road Trip Old Faithful Snow Lodge & More
April 2009 Asian Disneylands - Part 3 - Tokyo Disney Resort Tokyo Disneyland Hotel
March 2009 Asian Disneylands - Part 2 - Touring Japan Various Hotels & Ryokan
March 2009 Asian Disneylands - Part 1 - Hong Kong Disneyland & Japan Introduction Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel
March 2009 Cinematic Seascapes - Los Angeles to Hong Kong Crystal Symphony
February 2008 Grand Panama Crystal Symphony
January 2008 Costa Rica & Golden Passage Villa Caletas/Crystal Symphony
February 2007 Pacific Fiesta/Mexican Riviera Rendezvous Crystal Symphony
January 2006 Mexican Riviera Getaway/Escape to Surf and Sand Crystal Serenity
November 2005 Crystal Harmony's Final Voyage Crystal Harmony
September 2005 Pacific Fiesta/Mexican Riviera Rendezvous Crystal Harmony
June 2005 Treasures of Alaska - 15th Anniversary Reunion Cruise - Calif. Coast Crystal Harmony/Various Hotels
January 2005 Gateway to the Sun Crystal Serenity
September 2004 Pacific Fiesta Crystal Harmony
January 2004 Pacific Sun Crystal Serenity
May 2003 Escape to the Sun Crystal Harmony
January 2003 World Cruise 2003 - Wonders of the Southern Seas Crystal Symphony
January 2003 Walt Disney World Pre-Cruise Disney's Grand Floridian Resort
January 2002

World Cruise 2002 - Grand Pacific Circle

Crystal Symphony
April 1998 Mediterranean Cruises Crystal Symphony
April 1997 Circle Hawaii Holland America Statendam
May 1995 Grand Maiden Voyage - New York to Los Angeles Crystal Symphony
September 1993 Our First Cruise - Alaska Inside Passage & Coastal Holland America Noordam

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